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DataMaster Pro.
DataMaster Pro is the industry's best-selling and most up-to-date qualified plan database. Our call center makes over two million calls each year, uses over 9,000 yellow and white page directories, corporate annual reports, Secretary of State filings...etc., to ensure that you have the most accurate information available.

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Introducing Planisphere!

Larkspur Data announces the release of the most advanced product yet for Qualified Plan Marketing. Carrying on a nearly 20-year tradition of leadership this innovative advance will enable our users to maintain their industry leading positions in productivity, innovation and marketing success.

All of the searchable features of DataMaster Pro and so much more?

  • Instant access to trending searches across the nation and in your local area
  • Ability to create customized sales proposals
  • Direct access to the most up to date plan data long before it is available elsewhere
  • Powerful benchmarking tools for sales presentations
  • Create a dynamic sales pipeline entering notes and setting follow up reminders
  • New information from a variety of sources including email addresses, additional contacts (with job titles) and CPA audit reports

Planisphere runs in all of today's popular web browsers, tablets and smart-phones. It's easy to operate, flexible and allows for on-the-fly customization.

Current prospecting trends

Users will have access to real-time intelligence on prospecting activity taking place in their local area and around the country, right now!

Do you want to see what's hot right now? Using live information from active searches PlanIsphere will keep you apprised of the products, plan types, features, etc., your competition is searching for right now. Users can also locate underprospected markets to uncover new opportunities.

Customized sales proposals

With Planisphere, you can instantly create customized sales proposals just minutes after meeting with a prospect or client. Time is money and this tool will save you both. Impress your prospects by sending professional proposals shortly after leaving a conference, when everything is still fresh in your prospect's mind.

Use customized benchmarking tools to convince your prospects

Plan sponsors aren't always convinced that they need to make a change. So don't just tell them, show them! Planisphere allows users to instantly generate full-color graphs benchmarking a prospect's plan using fees, participation rates, investment performance and more. Generate comparisons and show your prospect how their plan stacks up against others. Planisphere also includes access to unlimited fiduciary liability reports on all applicable plans.

Create your own dynamic sales pipeline

Planisphere enables users to build and track their own dynamic sales pipeline by quickly and easily tagging selected prospects for follow-up; entering and saving private notes on contacts; generating custom reports and setting email reminders for follow up.

The most up-to-date information available anywhere

We've added CPA audit reports from the SEC's EDGAR files with detailed investment information plus real-time data feeds from the Department of Labor that you can access just minutes after release--months before it becomes available in electronic format and is incorporated into the products of directory vendors.

Additional new data will include supplemental contact names with job titles, website addresses, sales figures and a huge exportable database of email addresses.

Call us at 800-282-4567 or email for a demonstration of all that Planisphere can do for you!